Best tours and activities from Thessaloniki

Best tours and activities from Thessaloniki

Spring is here and gives us the opportunity to do beautiful excursions, tours and activities. Thessaloniki is one of the most ideal destinations for you to live moments that you will live throughout your life while constantly acquiring more and more friends and the number of visitors is increasing every year. So, if you are going to be in the area of Thessaloniki, you can enjoy this beautiful time by exploring the city and the activities that can offer you.

Visit Halkidiki

Just 1 hour from Thessaloniki, Halkidiki offers everything you want to experience moments that will give you memories for a lifetime. From the cosmopolitan and full of life of Kallithea, the exotic beaches of Sithonia, as well as many other places of incredible beauty, Halkidiki offers the visitor moments of relaxation and relaxation. For those who love exploration, you can visit the sights and countless wineries of the picturesque villages, and if you prefer to experience intense moments of action and adventure, take part in diving and bicycle tours in landscapes of unparalleled natural beauty. Visit Chalkidiki and learn about the activities that are being organized at this time.

Visit Kavala

Just 1 hour from Thessaloniki, Kavala combines the greenery of nature and the blue of the sea and offers the visitor many enchanting places to visit, such as the Old Town with the picturesque alleys, the Fortress or the lighthouse area. For those looking for adventure, take advantage of countless opportunities for adventurous activities such as horseback riding, free fall, 4x4 routes, watersports, and many more to suit all preferences for action and adventure. 

Visit Katerini

A short distance from Thessaloniki, within a very short distance, is the area of Katerini. A very active city with intense tourist development gains the impression of even the most discerning visitor. In Katerini you will visit one of the most beautiful archaeological parks in Greece, Dion, where the statues pop out through the water, on the beautiful beach of Platamonas and the Olympic Coast. You can visit the castle of Platamonas, a remarkable site with high walls and a well-kept tower. Take a walk in the fir forest in Elatohori or take a unique walk in the gorge from the Milos in Litochoro. 

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